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Rick and I are very excited to announce that soon our beloved Golden girl; Zenn (Grand Champion Forever Decorah Beating the Boys) will be having her first litter from Whiskey (Grand Champion Forever All Jacked Up).

This breeding is a dream comes true!  Not only were Rick and I blessed to have Zenn join our home and breeding program, but to breed our beautiful and sweet girl Zenn to Whiskey - well, to say it mildly, we are both honored and blessed, we will forever be thankful to Jenn Hoffman and Candy Nee.

Zenn is our 3 year old Grand Champion and a “Peter Pan” type of girl.  She is always happy!  There is simply not a time that Zenn is not wagging her tail!  She simply loves life.  Whatever Zenn does she does with a smile on her face.  A slightly darker gold with absolutely beautiful black pigment, Zenn finished her Championship and Grand Championship very easily before her second birthday.  She is tireless in the field whether tracking or doing field work.  Of our 5 Goldens - Zenn is easily the most athletic.  However, we would never describe her as antsy or needy.  She loves nuzzling up with Rick and I as well as our young grandchildren.  I anticipate Zenn’s lovely gentle nature will be shared with her puppies.

Whiskey…  What can you say about this phenomenal boy?  He is everything you would expect in a Golden.  He is stunning, sweet, smart - a true ambassador of the breed.  I have had many opportunities to spend time with Whiskey, and I can honestly say he is everything a breeder could ask for in a stud dog.  His many, many awards and honorifics do not truly speak to the specialness of this dog! 

Both Zenn and Whiskey have all clearances as recommended by the Golden Retriever Club of America, as well both have been recognized as Canine Good Citizens by the American Kennel Club.

At Attached you will find two attachments, and two links.  The links will provide you with pedigrees, health clearances and additional information on both Zenn and Whiskey.  Simply open the link and click on any information you want.  You can go back several generations to view parents,  grandparents etc.  The attachments include a copy of our Potential Client Questionnaire and our Adoption Agreement.  We would ask that you review all this information.  The price of the puppies will be $1500. We do ask for a deposit of $250.00 to hold a puppy (male or female) following confirmation of your reservation.

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