Decorah Goldens
Amy, Rick & Anne Krumenauer
1770 Buehring Rd., Oshkosh, WI 54904
920-527-8094 and 920-216-7583
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Patton is doing wonderful and has been such a great addition to the family.  The boys adore him and he definitely gets included in our active lifestyle.  He loves the water and tagging along on car rides.  

H Family – Appleton
I was very happy with you choosing the best puppy for me. Sophie is just a delight to be around. Not that it is
her job to take care of me, but she does…  we are such a good fit together!
 Mary – Madison

Millie is still the co love of our life.
She is the youngest, but holds her own in class.
She is also the best retrieving dog we ever had. One tennis ball will never do.
Millie is also marvelous with our 14 month old grandson and my mom in the nursing home.
Nurses have asked me to bring Millie into other patient’s rooms after I visit my mom.
You picked the perfect dog for us.  
Thank you again for making our home so complete.
Alan – Libertyville

I’m Still in!  
This will be my 4th dog from the Krumenauer family.
Captain, Mayday, Harbor  and now STARBOARD!
Tom – Oshkosh

Realized I've haven't sent any photos or updates of Lindy in about a year, he was
part of the Bella/Simon litter from a year and half ago.
He's doing very well and we consider ourselves lucky to have him part of our
family. He is within the golden standard, but on the smaller side of a male golden. He
weighed 67 lbs on his last vet visit. We hear frequently from people what a
beautiful dog he is and the graceful gait he walks with. Most importantly, he is
the most gentle dog and has a very loving temperament playing well with our kids.
Bill - Milton

Decorah Goldens is the only golden breeder I recommend and value your dedication to the breed. Jen - Madison

Chance is 1.5 years old now and what a wonderful year and a half it has been! We absolutely adore him!
He is exactly what we’d hoped for: sweet, loving, smart, easy-going and absolutely beautiful! He is such a
gorgeous dog! We get compliments everywhere we go! I am so thankful that our friends, who also adopted a
golden from the same litter, told us about you! You were so gracious to let us come and meet Bella and see the
puppies when they were 4 weeks old. You spent so much time with us allowing us to see the room where you keep the puppies and letting us sit and play with all of them. I felt completely confident that I had chosen the right
breeder when I met you and saw what a wonderful start to life that you give your puppies. I looked forward to the
weekly emails and pictures updating me on the puppies’ progress! I loved the giant chart with all the puppies’
weights and the things you’d introduced them to each week. Your love of the breed is SO apparent in everything
you do! I enjoyed meeting your other dogs while we were there: Sully, Bubba and Zenn. You answered every
question thoroughly and were awesome at responding to emails. When we came to pick up our puppy you spent alot of time going over everything with us including why you had chosen that puppy for us! You did a wonderful job matching him to our family! It’s amazing how you do that! He is perfect for us!! All of the information you gave
us throughout the process was so helpful.

Thank you for our wonderful Golden boy, Fancy Chancy! He is everything we had hoped for and more! If
we decide to add another Golden to our family, we would consider it a privilege to have another Decorah Golden.